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Glass Line Co., Ltd. has been established in 1992 by Mr.Supol� Prasithiran and his group of friends from the Faculty of Engineering.

      He has foreseen the trend of Building construction to be increased and the customer need would be more sophisticated and the most important thing is that the quality has to be good and suitable for each circumstance. Hence, Glass Line has started to provide an installation service for windows and doors with aluminium and glass instead of wood which is currently shortened, expensive and has limited use. This will be an option for good quality, elegance and reasonable price.

      We have an intention to continuously develop product quality, improve our service and offer the best price to our customers; as a result, we have a very steady and stable growth during the past 15 years.
      In 2001, our capital was increase from 1 million Baht to 5 million Baht in order to build our new factory with a size of 1,600 square meters. In addition, we had improved new machine from foreign countries i.e. aluminum cutting machine from Germany, drilling and corner crimper machine from Belgium, etc. We have also sent our employees for training in abroad in order to learn new technology and be able to control the product quality to be standardized as foreign countries.

      In 2004 , we decided to import aluminium windows and doors from Reynaers Aluminium N.V. who is a leading company in Europe with head office in Duffel, Belgium and offices throughout Europe and Asia. Their products have been tested and renowned for good quality and reliable in water resistance, sound protection and energy saving.
      From the beginning of only 7 staffs , nowadays we have up to 80 staffs in our company with good working environment and excellent welfare. All staffs are the main factor to drive our company growth until now we have opened another company, Thai Frame Aluminium Company Limited, trading company with aluminium and other fitting equipment in order to serve Glass Line Co., Ltd. and other customers.

      Housing is one of the main 4 fundamental factors for human being and in order to meet the need of domestic people including expatriates living and working on Thailand, a construction on residence and office building has been increased continuously with a change in style and function from the past to be more modernized and better quality.
      We, Glass Line Company Limited, do aluminium windows and doors with high quality and offer full range of products so as to all clients, requirement with only good quality and reasonable price. We have developed during the past 15 years until we are now well-know accepted and trusted among our customers.

Name Glass Line Company Limited
Office Address 184/3 (2nd Floor) Moo. 7 Bangtalaad, Pakkret,
  Nonthaburi 11120
  Tel : +66 (0)2 584-7171 / Fax : +66 (0)2 584-2528
Factory Address 81/28 Moo 1 Banggratuk, Sampran,
  Nakornpathom 73201
  Tel : +66 (0)2 889-9842-3 / Fax : +66 (0)2 889-9813
Authorized Capital 5,000,000.00 Baht.
Thai�s Shareholder 100%
Major Shareholders Mr.Supol Prasithiran
Set up organization 10467/2535
Glass line Co., Ltd. Made income from Aluminium window and doors business.

Glass line Co., Ltd. 184/3 (2nd floor) Moo.7 Bangtalaad, Pakkret, Nonthaburi 11120, Tel : +66 (0)2 584-7171 / Fax : +66 (0)2 584-2528

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